Yoga has a lot of benefits for your health. It not only helps with your overall flexibility and mobility, but it also helps you stay in shape and keeps you emotionally stable. With the additional time, you have on your hands from not having to travel, you should try to make the most of it by incorporating yoga in your morning routine. A little bit of yoga in the morning and a good endura mass will do wonders for your health. Here are a few easy yoga poses you can start with:

1- Cat-Cow Pose- This pose is great for improving your posture and strengthening your spine and neck. Place your hands under your shoulders and knees hip-distance apart. Spread your fingers keeping your neck in a neutral position and assume the cow pose, lift your gaze and dip your belly and inhale. When exhaling, assume the cat posture by curling and rounding like a cat and tuck your chin into the chest and tailbone under. Repeat this step while exhaling and inhaling.

2- Sun Bird Pose- The SunBird pose strengthens and activates the core glutes, arms, and legs. Take the tabletop position and while extending your left toes backward, extend your right fingertip forward. Do three rounds of breathing in this pose and then repeat on the opposite side.

3- Planks- Planks are a great way to activate core muscles and building strength throughout the body. In this pose, you need to stack your shoulders above your wrists, with the palms touching the yoga mat and the feet stepped back into a high plank. Activate your core muscles by drawing your crowns forward and heels back, with your tailbone tucked slightly. Relax between the shoulder blades and do three rounds of inhalation and exhalation.

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