Best Diet Plan for Weight Gain | How do the supplements help?

Best Diet Plan for Weight Gain | How do the supplements help?

While most people are obsessed with losing weight, many constantly struggle to add some kilos to their bodies. It is easy to fall prey to consuming junk foods to reach your goal weight as per your body type. But, this approach is a mistake that will only lead to unhealthy consequences. The best diet to gain weight should include food options that result in an overall healthy lifestyle instead, and that is what we are discussing in this post.

 Why are you underweight?

 To ensure that your best diet to gain weight works, you must first identify why you are underweight. Let's look at a few common and possible reasons that you might relate to:

  • People with high metabolism often fail to gain weight, irrespective of their per-day food intake.
  • If you are a genetically lean person, your weight tends to get affected because body weight and structure depend largely on genes.
  • Mental health plays a pivotal role when it comes to weight gain. If you are undergoing stress or depression, it might cause a massive loss of appetite, resulting in weight loss.
  • Medical conditions like infections, cancer, or hyperthyroidism can also affect your weight.

 Weight gain diet plan

 The main focus of the best diet to gain weight is to make you consistently take more calories than your body requires in a single day. Based on four factors, your daily calorie need is going to vary:

  • Age - With age, the number of calories your body burns at rest declines.
  • Height - To maintain a perfect weight, the taller you are, the more calories you need.
  • Gender - Compared to men of the same height, women tend to burn fewer calories at rest.
  • Physical Activity level - Being into intense workouts regularly will increase your daily calorie requirement.


If you’re looking forward to a steady gain, aim for 300 to 500 calories above your maintenance level and 700 to 1000 calories for a faster weight gain target. The lower end of these ranges is for people who do not have an active lifestyle.

 On the other hand, athletes or people with physically demanding jobs usually require a higher regular calorie intake to maintain their ideal weight. Having said that, you do not need to count your calorie intake for life - keeping a check for the first few weeks would suffice to have a fair idea of your calorie needs.

 We have put together a sample 1-day healthy diet chart for your convenience:

(Design infographic for the below diet plan)

  • Breakfast - 1 egg and potato sandwich + 3 cashews + 2 walnuts + 4 almonds + 1 glass milk
  • Mid-meal - 1 glass banana shake with 30g of Endura Mass vanilla flavour
  • Lunch - 1 small bowl of daal + paneer curry + ½ cup rice + 3 chapatti + salad + small bowl of low-fat curd
  • Evening - 1 cup veg poha + 1 glass strawberry smoothie
  • Dinner - 1 medium bowl of chicken curry + 3 chapatti + salad
    Diet Plan for Weight Gain

     You can consult a dietician to plan a better diet chart to suit your weight gain goal. Just remember to focus on your protein intake while your weight gain journey is active.

    Must-have foods for your diet plan

    1. Rice

    An Indian staple, rice is one of the best sources of carbs that you can easily add to your diet chart. It is easy to digest, and because it is rich in carbohydrates, rice provides a lot of energy.

    1. Eggs

    Eggs are one of the healthiest foods for your weight gain diet because one egg comprises enough nutrients.

    1. Potato

    When you want to boost your calorie intake, starchy, nutrients and fiber-rich potatoes can help.

    1. Chicken

    Not only is chicken rich in protein, but it also contains other health benefits. It is loaded with nutrients that are essential for the body. You can also keep your bones healthy since chicken is rich in calcium and phosphorus. The best part is that it is high in protein but contains less fat.

    1. Banana

     This nutrient-rich fruit is a keeper when you are trying to gain weight. Containing a fair amount of dietary fiber, consuming bananas also aids digestion.

     How do supplements help?

     Weight gain supplements like Endura Mass chocolate flavour are potent sources of calories and nutrients, especially when taken as per recommendations on the pack, and can thus be a beneficial addition to your weight gain journey. Weight gainers, protein powders, and pre-workouts are some of the most commonly available supplements to gain weight. While certain supplements support muscle gain, Endura Mass vanilla flavour specifically offers a calorie boost.

     So, if your daily meals are not giving you an ideal calorie surplus, you can add weight gainers like Endura Mass banana flavour to your weight gain diet chart. It is a 100% vegetarian weight gainer that is a perfect fit for teenagers, and adult men and women.

     Please Note: Weight gainers should be treated as supplements and not a replacement for wholesome and hearty meals. You can successfully gain weight using the supplement, only if it is paired with balanced regular meals, an exercise regime, and an overall healthy lifestyle. Also, weight gain results vary from person to person because the metabolism of every individual is different.


     Putting in an effort is naturally accompanied by the expectation to see effective results. The same is true for your weight gain efforts. So, instead of gaining kilos the unhealthy way, adopt healthy diet plans like the one we’ve recommended and pair it with a supplement if needed. 

    We hope this guide helps you pick and add the right food options to your diet chart and you reach your target weight goal faster.

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