How to gain weight fast

It is a fact that men and women have some striking differences in terms of emotion, thinking as well as physique. Thus, their approach towards physical fitness cannot be absolutely gender-neutral.

Now, the question arises why would the fitness regime of men and women be different since both have to follow diet and exercises? Well, the answer lies in the hormonal causes, physical structure, and the fitness goals of the genders.

All these being said, let’snow find out how the fitness regime of men must be different from that of women so that both can benefit from their regimes respectively.

In terms of diet:

Since men tend to naturally have a bulkier body than women, they would have to have more calories than women. For a fit body it is very important for both men and women to cut loose on the carbs and include much more protein in their diet; again the requirement of protein will be much higher in case of men than women. Intake of proteins helps to reduce the unhealthy body fats and build more muscles.

As for the other vitamins and minerals considered, the requirement of both the genders is more or less the same; except that women need more calcium to prevent osteoporosis and more iron since most of it gets lost during menstruation. Men can have iron and calcium in moderate amounts.

Lifting Weights and cardio:

Including weight training for fitness is a very fast way to kill fats and build muscles. Women often hesitate to use weights because they fear it might turn their physique appear bulky like bodybuilders. The truth is, women tend to have a low level of testosterone and so will not be able to get that puffed up look very easily. In fact, it is difficult for women to build muscle mass in comparison to the males.

On the contrary, the presence of testosterone helps men to build muscles easily. Infact, men can undertake much strenuous weight exercises than women as they can overcome mild muscle wear and tear easily.

Cardio can serve as an additional benefit for both men and women but the trick is to not overdo it, as it might make you over-burn yourself and give you static results. It is better to engage in different kinds of exercises, high intense ones followed by the lower ones, to get constant results.

Thus, it can be said that though the fitness formula of men and women might be the same, there is a slight difference in its application.

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