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Mass gainers have lately become quite popular because they have played an influential role in the lives of many hard gainers. As a result, more people are becoming inclined to include them in their daily regime. But will randomly buying any mass gainer benefit your body? Below are two main questions you must ask yourself before investing in a weight gainer supplement:

a) Why do you need a mass gainer?

First,it is very important to understand why you want to ingest a mass gainer? Is it because you wish to have a good physique but are unable to gain sufficient weight, or is it because you want to maintain your chiseled body or increase your performance? If you fall into the category of the later one, then instead of spending on mass gainers you must consult your trainer and buy good body supplements. It is true that most mass gainers come with essential body supplements, but they also have a huge amount of carbohydrates which might not be the requirement of your body currently. Therefore,it is highly suggested to not fall for any trends and end up selecting a wrong product for the body, always remember that weight enhancing products are solely made keeping in mind the requirements of hard gainers.

           b) What is the composition of the mass gainer?

This question is applicable to not only mass gainers but any health drink that you are planning to intake; However, in case of mass gainers you must look for:

  1. The ratio of carbs and proteins: Carbs are needed to give the body ample energy to carry out heavy exercises while proteins help in building muscles, making it crucial for the presence of both the ingredients in quality mass gainers; but the quantity of the proteins must be less than that of carbs.
  2. Presence of sugar: the best weight gainers in India do not have a huge amount of sugars in them as it might spike up the insulin level of the consumer.
  3. Presence of enzymes: mass gainers undoubtedly come with huge a number of calories and to enable the body to absorb it properly, it must be accompanied by several emulsifying agents which will aid in digestion.
  4. Other vitamins and minerals: Mass gainers must also be able to supply the body with other essential minerals and vitamins.

Be it from ground stores or online, we hope that this article would help you to some extent to choose the best online Mass Gainer Product in India for yourself.

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