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What is nutrition? Why should we be well nourished? All such things have been talked numerous times, but what is malnutrition? Why one is malnourished and how it negatively impacts us is something that we need to know.

Malnutrition is the lack of sufficient nutrients in the body. This occurs when the body doesn’t get enough nutrients due to poor diet, poor digestive conditions, or any other disease.

Malnutrition can be self-diagnosed with these symptoms:
•  Lack of appetite
•   Constant tiredness
•   Feeling depressed
•   Weakness and muscle fatigue
•   Easy fall of hair
•   long-term diarrhea or constipation

Impact of malnutrition on the human body:
•  Slows down the immune response
•  Higher risk of getting infected
•  Takes longer time to fight off the infection
•  inability to maintain normal body temperature
•  Poor muscle strength

 Remedies for malnutrition
√  Encourage a healthy and balanced diet
√  practice regular exercise or Yoga
√  Add nutritional supplements like Endura
√  Take doctor’s recommendation if not curable at home
√  Indulge yourself into things that give you mental pleasure because happiness is the best medicine.

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