If you want to gain weight, keep only one rule in mind: consume more calories than you burn. This is the only method to gain weight and all you need to remember.

It’s absolutely imperative to create a calorie surplus. Take in more than you spend. The bigger the surplus, the faster you gain weight.

However, you probably want to gain healthy weight and muscles, not undesirable flab. Hence, you need a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Eating pizza won’t bring about the weight gain you probably desire.

Here milk and other dairy products come to your rescue. Milk is a healthy source of calories. It is rich in calcium and vitamin D. It is also a great source of vitamin A. Along with all the health benefits, think about the proteins!

Milk is rich in proteins like whey and casein. Endura Mass offers whey protein supplements, which is very popular amongst muscle builders. It helps immensely to gain lean muscle mass and not flab.

Milk is hydrating as well. Why not drink milk after working out? Water is very significant, but it doesn’t offer the extra calories and nutrients that milk does.

We often wonder if we should add our powders to milk or water. If you want to gain weight, go with milk. It will not only hydrate but also provide a steady release of proteins. Add Endura Mass Gainer, which is the best weight gaining supplement out there, to milk. The milk will make the shake even more calorie-rich. It might taste better to you as well.

However, if you are intolerant to milk and dairy products, be careful and steer clear of milk! There are plenty of other protein-rich sources of calories out there that will help you gain weight.

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