Do you avoid your bedtime meals? If “Yes” then my friend you are doing a mistake and missing a chance to build up muscles and achieve a perfect shape. If you are struggling to boost your weight then your effort should not just end with dinner. Slow digesting protein-rich foods, such as cottage cheese and casein shakes will help your muscles tap nutrients and get stronger and bigger before bedtime along with healthy fats. Ideally, your snack should be slow-digested proteins with a liberal aid of fats to slowly digest protein to feed the muscles longer. According to a December 2009 edition of “The Journal of food,” Foods high in protein are perfect meals prior to bed, as they keep you satisfied for a longer period and maximize the calories spend.” Here is a list of some Nutri-licious food that can leave you mouthwatering.

Grilled Fish

Grilled fish is a perfect source of nutrient which makes it a perfect meal because it contains a high level of protein and safe omega fats. Have it an hour before you go to bed and your muscles will thank you.

Peanut Butter

A tablespoon of peanut butter with milk or peanut butter with yogurt is the best way to keep nutritious during the night. You get a generous dose of protein together with good fats as your partner.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is a high-casein, dense protein that slows down the muscle proteins at night and activates the new development of muscles. A cup of cottage cheese provides you about 11 to 12 g of protein to build up muscle mass. To get important nutrients such as (proteins, monotonic fats, omega 3 fatty acids), just add some almonds in the cottage cheese.


Homemade yogurt is a snack high in probiotics, calcium, and protein. The yogurt protein acts as a block for lean muscle building. Using a cup of yogurt before bed contains 11 g of protein for the repair and recovery of the muscles.

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