Name Calling: The Most Toxic Emotional Weapon!

Since time immemorial, this has been a culture of mocking. If you’re slightly heavier in the lot they’ll call you fatty, if you’re slightly lighter of the lot, they’ll call you hanger, machis ki tilli, haddi, and what not.

There are quite a few reasons why people do such things, few of them are listed below:

For Distraction:

This is one of the common reasons, if someone wishes to distract you from the main argument, they will start calling you names and within moments the entire thing revolves around them mocking you and how much pleasure they get while doing this. A lot of politicians both in India and otherwise use this trick to distract the masses. Like #MaiBhiChowkidar

To make themselves feel better

If you really hate the way you are and are looking for a quick way to feel better, throw a bunch of insults at someone. Usually all the things you say in such a condition are the things you feel about yourself.

Think again before saying something nasty to someone next time.

To Look Cool

If you remember your days from the high school, this was the easiest way to fit in a group and make your own place, just make fun of somebody and you’re there.

The only problem is that you are trying to set a foundation of a relationship on shaky and weak grounds, before you know it, someone else will be doing the same thing with you.

For Fun

Bored? Need some entertainment? Sometimes people call other people names simply because they want something to do or they get pleasure out of the reaction their insults cause. Some people might call this “pushing your buttons.”

Consider the people who are calling you these names. Are they even worth your time? Probably not.

We hope that this peek in the heads of Name Callers helped you understand their mental condition better, which will inturn help you deal with them better.

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