Kitchen is the correct place where muscles are built, and exercise and workout make them stronger and bigger. But all that beautiful and toned body is hidden under a layer of skin. And your dream physique can be achieved with a little tweak in your diet and by including foods that boost your metabolism. Metabolism is a biological process of your body that utilizes nutrition as fuel production is an important part of the muscle building. Metabolism determines how many calories you expend in the maintenance of body functions, such as respiration, heart rate, and digestion and so on. Although it is believed that metabolism is all genetics but there are some foods that can challenge this myth. Here is some of our top picks that can improve your metabolism at a constant pace.


The easiest way to get both high-quality calcium and protein is from milk. A study published in the Diabetes paper showed that a drop-in calcium level may trigger calcitriol to be released, a hormone that causes people to store fat. Most scientists accept the findings and claim a deficit of calcium will slow down the metabolism.


Eggs contain a nutrient-dense kit with less than 80 calories. Eggs help to boost the metabolism by delivering less calories with a high protein meal. In contrast, vitamin B12 is found in poultry. It helps to consume the body with flesh. Vitamin B12 makes the body healthier and more active all day long. A BCAA present in eggs is a leucine that tends to help in building stronger muscle mass.


Spinach improves metabolism as an exceptionally good source of B vitamins. A single cup of spinach has 200 percent of your vitamin K. Vitamin K supports the bones in calcium absorption. Spinach is also rich in follicle acid, manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Spinach stimulates regeneration during exercise, resulting in a better muscle mass. A good iron spinach supply holds the whole tissue, continuously supplying it with oxygen.


It can not be more fascinating than gaining fat with fruit and nuts, on your road to building muscle. Nut contains multi-nutrients and certain micro-nutrients, such as copper that promote important biochemical reactions in the skin, a sure source of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. In fact, nuts are also good in melting bowel fat.

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