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As parents, you will undoubtedly be always conscious of your child’s health and growth. Questions like how much calories do they need, what kind of food will be anadequate source of vitamins and minerals, how to maintain their health are always on your mind. So, if your precious offspring is underweightedyou would consider every step to ensure he gets his adequate supply of nutrients.

But what so ever the case is, as it is not recommended to expose your child to the consumption of fast food junkies, similarly relying on high calorific drinks like Endura Mass would also do them no good. Endura Mass has emerged successful as the best weight gainer supplement in many cases,but people shouldn’t get overwhelmed by its success and think of giving it to children; not even in small doses.

The experts at Endura Mass strictly advices that weight gainers like Endura Mass should be taken by people who are 15yrs and above, and there are considerable reasons for doing the same. Research says that an average child needs 1600-2200 calories per day, while during the phase of puberty the calorie intake increases to 2500-3000 as the child engages in active sports and other heavy activities; and a normal dose of Endura Mass supplies with 3480 added calories, so, you can see that is way higher than the calorific requirement of your child.

Your child’s body, in fact, every human body needsa certain number of calories to perform vital functions, another some is weathered away in form of activities or other daily movements, and the rest gets stored in form of fats. Thus, if you supply your kid with such number of added calories, not only his body would fail to process it, but it might also hamper his growth in many ways.

The best solution to take care of your little one is to give him proper healthy diet and keep him active. Even after this, if you feel that your child need an additional dose of supplement, then try the Endura Kid Kilos which is specifically designed keeping in mind the dietary pattern of Indian Kids.

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  1. Mehak dixit
    Mehak dixit says:

    I am 17 years old..and I feel that I am underweight according to my I want to know can I consume endura mass to gain the ideal weight?

  2. Pratishta cheetri
    Pratishta cheetri says:

    I’m 19 years old and I’m very skinny and thin. I want to gain some weight so is it right for me?


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