Frequently Asked Questions

In how many months will I gain weight with Endura Mass?

Once you start taking Endura Mass as prescribed on the pack, you will start seeing the results in 3-4 weeks. However, you should continue taking Endura Mass till you gain your desired weight.

Will Endura Mass have any side effects if I stop taking it after few months?

There are no side effects of Endura Mass, if taken in prescribed dosage, and if you are not allergic to any of its ingredients. Once you get the desired weight, you can gradually decrease the quantity by half scoop weekly and continue taking a nutritious diet.

Will taking Endura Mass, stop my height growth?

There is no negative effect of Endura Mass on your height, so rest assured about it

I want to gain weight as well as build muscles. What should I do?

Endura Mass heps in gaining weight, but if you want to gain muscles also, then please mark us an email with your details and our experts will help you finding the correct product for you.

Can I take Endura Mass at bedtime?

No, don’t take it at bedtime as it needs around 2-3 hours to get fully digested.

What is the dosage of Endura Mass?

Dosage of Endura Mass varies from individual to individual, and the details are given on the pack of Endura Mass. Do remember to follow them accurately for best results.

I have just started working out in the gym, so which product should I start with and what other product should I follow it with?

As you have just started working out So please mail us your details like your age, weight, height and what is your goal and our experts will reply to your query.

Are Endura Products available outside India?

As of now, apart from India, Endura Mass is available in Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. To get these products in above mentioned countries, you may mail your requirements at and we will update you on where to get it from but if you are from any other country then mark us an email and we will send you the details on how to order the products through courier.

Are there steroids in Endura Products?

No there are no steroids in any of our products. The same can be challenged and tested by anybody at a standard approved laboratory in India or abroad.

I don’t want to gain weight or muscles. I just want to be more energetic and fit. What should I take?

Try Enzest. It is a daily health supplement that fulfills the daily nutritional requirement of the body and keeps you fit and active all day long.

What special diet should I take with Endura Mass to get good results?

You don’t need to take any special diet while taking Endura Mass, it has all the nutritional ingredients in proper ratio which helps in gaining weight, just follow the dosage as given in the pack.

I took Endura Mass to gain weight and I gained desired weight in 6 months but now I don’t want to stop taking it, so can I take it continuously forever?

Yes, you can continue with it, just take 1 scoop Endura Mass with a glass of milk along with 1 banana once a day forever.

I am 16 year old girl, so can I take Endura Mass to gain weight?

Endura Mass can be taken by males and females of 11 years & above.

I am a diabetic patient, so can I take Endura Mass to gain weight?

Sorry, Endura Mass contains sugar and is not suitable for people having diabetes.

Is exercise compulsory while taking Endura Mass?

Exercise is not compulsory with Endura Mass but you are suggested to be physically active in your lifestyle while having Endura Mass.

Can I take Endura Mass with water or is it compulsory to take it with milk?

We suggest taking it with full cream milk for better results but if it is not possible to take with milk then you can take it with juice/water also.

We want to be a dealer of Endura supplements?

You can mail your query and details on and one of our representatives will contact you.

What are the effects of Endura Mass after using it for one month?

Results vary from person to person but when you start taking Endura Mass as per suggested dosage on the pack, then you will start seeing the results in 3-4 weeks.

What happens when we stop taking Endura Mass?

When you stop taking Endura Mass post gaining your desired weight, you can continue with a regular nutritious diet to maintain your weight.

Is Endura Mass safe for pregnant ladies & lactating women?

It is absolutely safe for them but we suggest to consult the doctor once before consuming it.

Is Endura Mass an energy drink?

No its a weight gainer.

Is Endura Mass Ayurvedic or Herbal?

Endura Mass is neither Ayurvedic nor Herbal. It’s a food supplement which can be taken as a part of your regular diet.

Are the products certified by some agency?

Endura Products are made in a plant which is an ISO 9001, HACCP & GMP certified. The plant is also approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).