About Us


Mr. DK Singhal, with his rich bank of in-depth knowledge that he acquired over the two decades he spent working closely with the pharmaceutical industry, joined hands with Dr. Simmi Dutta ’ a seasoned Research Scholar from Moolchand Hospital (one of the most prominent hospitals in India to be actively involved in Ayurvedic Research) ’and Dr. K. K Kaushal ’ a professional with a rich experience in Formulation of Ayurvedic Medicine and Wellness domain ’ to form a business venture in the year 1996.

‘The first branded product to roll out from this venture ’ named as Medinn Belle ’ was Raahat: a highly effective laxative, developed after intensive research of over half a year. Raahat was well received in the market and this inspired and encouraged the Medinn Belle team to launch other brands in different product verticals, amongst which Endura is one of the most successful names. Endura is a well known brand which provides various food supplements and nutrition products that are ideal for all men, women, children & sports persons.


about-solae2 When Medinn Belle was on the path of scripting a new success story, the concept of healthcare and wellness had yet to catch the attention of consumers in India. Consumers did not have much choice amongst Indian supplements. This was a huge need gap that was not being catered to.

Guided by the foresight that the concept of bodybuilding and fitness shall soon find several takers in the new emerging India and equipped with technical expertise, the first product in the bodybuilding and fitness segment, Endura, was launched. A formulation that blended the scientific edge with the goodness of ancient Indian herbal treasure trove, Endura offered the consumers something they had been missing so far – quality. The product proved its worth and repeat orders started flowing in.


As a part of the endeavour to give its consumers nothing but the best, Medinn Belle sources its key ingredients of several products from Solae, USA, a world leader in innovative soy-based technologies with a client base spread over 80 countries.

Solae has a rich experience spanning more than half a century in nutrition-based research and it shares this expertise with Medinn Belle. Special interactions for knowledge sharing are organised with Solae’s team of experts regularly. Such interactions enrich our expertise with the latest developments, findings and innovations taking place in the world protein market.


about-solae2 Medinn Belle has not looked back after the successful launch of Endura. In fact, the company has grown in leaps and bounds thereafter to successfully launch further line extensions one after the other.

One of the earliest extensions of the brand was, Endura Mass, which was launched in the year 2001. It took the market by storm and within a span of just five years emerged as one of India’s largest selling weight gainer. Endura Mass catalysed the company’s growth and encouraged several new product launches in quick succession.

Today ‘Endura’ is not just a name of a product, but it is a brand, which represents a comprehensive range of quality health supplements that are at par with the international standards. From health supplement for the gym beginners to specialised products exclusively catering to the advanced levels of bodybuilding, Endura range has products for everyone.

Expanding its wings steadily, Medinn Belle found foothold in newer markets successfully. Today its products are not just available across the length and breadth of India, but recently the company has crossed the border, and is now expanding its presence in Nepal.


about-solae2 Medinn Belle’s first product rolled out of its first manufacturing unit in Delhi. But soon the Medinn Belle team realised that the steep rise in the demand of its products shall be a constant phenomenon. Thus, a state-of-the-art production unit was set up at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh in the year 2004. This new unit expanded Medinne Belle’s production capacity by ten times. With the continuous expansion of the line of products, one more manufacturing unit was added at Baddi in the year 2010. To keep pace with the ever-growing demand of Endura products, another fully automatic production line with a capacity of around 5 lac packs per month has been added in the year 2013. These manufacturing units are equipped with modern machinery and highly trained, professional staff.

Strict quality control measures are adopted and testing of the raw material is done for each and every product. These tests are conducted under the supervision of in-house qualified and seasoned pharmacists. Quality being the bedrock of all its endeavours, the company takes pride in being a GMP certified company, and an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) certified company. These certifications are a testament to the high quality standards that the company maintains.


Ambitious and Expanding

Medinn Belle has defined its goal as becoming the leader in food supplement industry in India. Marching towards this goal, several new products are being developed and launched in quick succession to fulfil the varied needs of consumers. Thus, taking us higher and closer to our goal.