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In the era of race to reach the top we forget to give time to ourselves either for our enjoyment or our health but the human body has got a great mechanism to talk to us through distinctive gesticulations provided we pay attention to its alludes.

7 signs that our body shows us to communicate:

1. BAD SKIN: The low tone and glow of your skin tells to an extent that something is not well about your health which if neglected can cause further health issues. A poor diet and less amount of nutrients are the cause of the same.

2. CHAPPED LIPS: Our lips are no less than a sign giver. If they are constantly chapped and you can’t live without moisturising them then it’s a sign that you need to intake more vitamins than regular.

3. SHRINKING HEIGHT: we all know the Older we get the shorter we become. But if the same is happening in a weird age then you must get alarmed. It is due to bone loss and requires to intake enough amount of vital nutrients like protein and calcium.

4. PALE EYES: Having Dim white portion of eyes maybe because of ageing but pale & yellow eyes are a sign related to your upcoming health issue and hints you to take more vitamins.

5. HAIR LOSS: Loosing 3-4 hair while brushing hair is normal but heavy hairfall can be a symbol of serious issues which again says to take more vitamins.

6. GAS OR INDIGESTION: These simple seeming issues can cause huge health problems related to liver and intestine. This is a sign of low protein levels in your blood.

7. FATIGUE: Being tired, lazy or sleepy all the time for no reason is a reason for you to be alert. These are because of the deficiency of carbohydrates, iron , vitamins and magnesium etc.

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