You’re probably aware about the many effects of Yoga, it helps you relax, improves metabolism, and keeps a lot of diseases away. But, did you know it can also help you gain weight? Yes, you heard it right, practicing certain yoga techniques can be a great way to gain weight. Yoga increases the circulation of blood in your body, strengthens bones and works on digestive issues. Here a few yoga asanas that are vital for those who want to gain weight healthily.

1) Matsyasana- The Fish Pose
This particular asana is very beneficial for the body and does wonders on your digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory, reproductive system along with the thyroid glands. This particular pose performed under the supervision of a trainer can target the reasons behind you being underweight and over time boost weight gain by increase your metabolism and nutrient absorption.

2) Shavasna- The Corpse Pose
You can do this asana after your workout session and feel its relaxing and healing effects take over your body. This pose is very helpful as it increases nutrient absorption.

3) Vajrasana- The Diamond Pose
Known for its calming effects on the mind, this pose increases your focus and relaxes your body.

4) Sarvangasana- The Supported Shoulder Stand
This asana is great for increasing blood circulation to all the parts of the body and helps increase the absorption of nutrients. This asana also clears blocked energy and strengthens your body.

5) Pavanmuktasana- The Wing Relieving Pose
This particular pose work on the digestive system by stimulating it and controls your metabolism helping you to absorb all the nutrients that you consume.

Practicing all these asanas with a trained and qualified yoga teacher can work wonders for your
body. Other than practicing yoga, you also need to improve your diet and lifestyle and start taking good weight-gainer supplements like Endura Mass to gain weight fast.

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