We’ve seen many people showing their inclination towards WFH so far to balance their work life and personal life. The quarantine time due to the COVID-19 outbreak has given many of us that opportunity to experience the same but the questions that alarm at the very first ring are..

• When to work?
•. Where to work ?
• How to balance the personal and professional pan?
•. How to rise the productivity etc.

Always do remember that working from home, be it is for any discipline, needs to observe some basics, ie;
• Do follow a healthy and regular routine consisting of getting up early, taking nutritive meals along with some yoga or exercise to keep yourself going.
•. Make sure you have a schedule and a to-do list to keep the things in order.
•. Avoid setting long working hours and do justice to yourself with making your breaks even lighter with some fun, such as:- listening to your favourite music, reading or watching some comedies or eating something fabulous.

Now.. in order to find when to work, there is no such fixed timing unless one feels to be okay with it, still the early mornings are the freshest and most favourable for the mind to be able to get absorbed into the things.
Since working at home can be constantly disturbing if one opts his/her bed as the work place so go for the most tranquil corner of your house to work at. You can give it a sort of work place touch to feel like office.
WFH can turn into a great gear to balance the pan provided the productivity doesn’t get affected.
Just Don’t get stressed, pull yourself together and take your time to hit the nail on the head.

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