Fitness freaks are often found to be engaged in the endless debate of which works better protein powders or mass gainers? Well, as there is a fine line between mass gainers and protein powders, both work differently for the body. Like,mass gainers are supposed to help you meet your weight goal while proteins increase the supply of amino acids in the body which are basically the building blocks of muscles. In other words, mass gainers are packed with calories in form of carbs, proteins and fats while proteins powders contain 80-90% of pure protein depending on the source of it, like bi-products of soy or milk like casein or whey.

Since mass gainers and protein powders are technically made to serve different purposes, people who want to get their dream body often get confused about which would work better for them; because you need to meet a certain level of calories to grow but you do not want to end up with a plum figure, and to develop muscles instead of fats you need a thorough source of protein. Therefore, to relive the customers from such dilemma, leading protein supplements and mass gainers in India have launched products that can adequately suffice the role of a mass gainer as well as a protein powder.

Now, can a weight gainer and protein powder work simultaneously?

Well, it already does! If you go through the ingredients of some of the best mass gainer products, you shall notice that every mass gainer has a certain amount of protein, along with their carbs, which is mostly in the ratio 3:1; 3 portion carb and 1 potion protein. While the carbs provide the body with enough energy to carry out heavy exercises, proteins silently play their role of building muscles and repairing tissues.

In such products, the ratio of the carbohydrate and proteins play a significant role. Carbohydrates will be the main source of fuel and will help you to bulk up weight, for which most of the serving of the health drink must consist of it. But, on the other hand, consumption of protein must be kept limited because although proteins help to grow muscle tissues, an extreme proportion of it might lead to certain health hazards. This is also one of the main reason why combining a separate protein drink along with your favorable mass gainer is not suggested; as controlling the ratio of carbs and proteins will be a perplexing task in such cases.

Endura Mass, is one of those the revolutionary products that has a balanced proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and many other micro nutrients which enables it to serve both as a mass gainer and protein powder.

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