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It fills us with delight when we find more people becoming a part of the Endura Supplements family. We are so proud to be able to help so many people to reach their weight goals. But even after Endura mass has become the best bodybuilding supplement in India,many people are uncertain regarding the ideal time to take it.

So, we thought why not give our consumers a blog post that would not only resolve all their queries regarding the timings of in taking Endura Mass but also would give them an insight about why such specification of timings is needed to be followed.

A person who is trying to gain weight is suggested to take two-three tablespoons of Endura Mass with a glass of milk/juice/water and a banana twice a day. If one wants to increase the amount of calorie ingestion further, then he can increase the dose to three times a day.

We recommend taking Endura Mass in the morning or after exercise, but taking right before going to sleep is denied in all circumstances. One must remember that our product is a dietary supplement and not a dietary replacement. It provides the body with added 3480 calories, vitamins, and minerals which it might not be able to get access to from an everyday diet.Therefore, Endura Mass can be accompanied along with breakfast, and in between meals. If you devour it after you have a meal it will, of course, enhance your body growth but try not to make it your only source of nutrients.

It is also suggested to not to take it on an empty stomach. Our formula consists of many digestive enzymes whose job is to draw nutrition from various food sources, and when wakening up in the morning, it would be quite a while that you have taken your last meal. So unless the body is given some solid food, these enzymes will not work suitably.

Lastly, it is very much beneficial if Endura Mass is consumed after exercises. The body burns a vast number of calories while performing those hard machinery exercises, and to replenish those lost calories you need Endura Mass.

We also advise people to not go to sleep right after having Endura Mass; think for yourself, science always advises us not to go to sleep right after having a heavy food as it might hamper our digestion or the entire body system, and Endura Mass is a heavy food! It is packed with carbs and proteins, so it is beyond question to go to sleep immediately after a taking a dose of Endura Mass.

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  1. Gaurav
    Gaurav says:

    It is okay to sleep after 1 hour, of taking endura mass. And also tell that with empty stomach can endura mass be taken with 2 bananas?

  2. Mohd Hammad sabri
    Mohd Hammad sabri says:

    Can I take endura mass once in a day after work out with 400 ml milk and either of taking bananas in endura mass shake and to take before work out

  3. johnvictor
    johnvictor says:

    If you take it in recommend dose then its safe and will not cause any harm.

    But if you take it in Excess amount for a long time then it will increase fat in your body which later cause cvs diseases.

    You have to take it with good exercise and diet as well.


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