Weight is a problem for many people nowadays. In order to gain weight one should Work out and should have a balanced diet. Eating the right food with exercise goes simultaneously in the process.  If a person wants to gain weight then he must target whole foods that come from high quality, high-calorie sources whenever possible. one can obtain 3500 calories eating Taco Bell,  candy and soft drinks, but these are not a good and healthy way of gaining weight. The most important aspect one should focus on is protein, as studies have shown you’re more likely to put on the right kind of weight with a high protein diet compared to a low protein diet.

Exercise can help people to lose weight as well as others to gain weight in a healthy and effective way. A person may want to gain weight to build his body or to look good so he needs to maintain a certain amount of healthy living. Eat eggs, bananas, milk, chicken, fish, and pulses are the ingredients that help a person to gain weight effectively. 

For the workout: You have to do an intense and short work out with appropriate amount of cardio. By ‘intense’ it means lifting heavy weights and having slow movements that concentrate on your breathing pattern while repetitions. Do not do more than 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps of each exercise. It has been quoted if a person is not gaining weight then he is not eating enough food to remain healthy. Every human being has a different body structure. One should focus on the exercise relevant to them by taking proper guidance.

There are some exercise one should do to gain weight.


Push-ups are a simple exercise that helps a person to build the muscles mainly for arms and shoulders. 

Steps :

  1. Lie on the ground, face will be downwards.
  2. Keep your hands on the ground, keep your stomach tight.
  3. Move your body upwards with your arms, keep your back and legs straight.
  4. Then, Bring your body downwards slowly by using your arms.
  5. Repeat


To do Pullups one needs to have some kind of pullup bar. Pull-ups help in building and strengthening arms and shoulders.

  1. Grab pull-up bar from both your hands.
  2. Pull yourself upwards, keep your back straight, then come down slowly. 
  3. Repeat the steps.


Squats help you to build the muscle of your butt and legs.


  1. Keep your body straight.
  2. Close your arms, and Move your body downward keeping your back straight. 
  3. Sit down Completely and then stand up.
  4. Repeat the steps.

These are some of the exercises one can do to gain weight and to look great.

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