So you are a fit person. You have a planned diet, you use protein supplements, you work out daily. That body looks great!

But what about your immunity? We are in the midst of a pandemic. With the onset of monsoons, you’d want to be extra careful. We don’t want to come down with diarrhea, food poisoning or cold.

Endura supplements can help you with your immunity. However, making changes to your diet will be useful as well. We recommend a few foods that might help to boost your immunity.

  1. Spices in Tea: You can opt for masala chai, or settle for something simpler like ginger tea. Add cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and/or cloves to your tea. Not only your tea will taste better, but your immune system will be boosted as well. The spices will protect you from infections and cold. Your metabolism will receive a boost too.
  2. Garlic: We already mentioned this helpful spice in our last suggestion. Add a little bit of garlic to all your dishes. It has loads of antioxidants. It will protect you from viruses causing cold. It will be a great boost to your immune system.
  3. Almonds: We are well-acquainted with the benefits of nuts. Lots of proteins keeps one satiated for a long time. Almonds also do good to your digestive system and keep your body healthy.
  4. Ginger: Most of us have grown up being told that ginger is a remedy for cold and sore throats. Rich in antioxidants, it has antiseptic properties. It will boost your immune system and protect you from a hoard of diseases.

Don’t forget to drink water only from clean sources!

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