For all those people who face a lot of struggle in putting on weight, we’ve brought this one-month challenge which we believe is inerrable. Let’s peek into it:

1. Stay enthusiastic: If you think you can, you can. So wake up with this belief that you have the competence to do it. Begin your day with some yoga postures or exercises because it is way beyond stretching and relaxing. It helps you gain weight by balancing your hormones, improving digestion, increasing appetite, boosting stamina, and most importantly giving you mental peace thereby preventing you from weight loss due to stress.

2. Balance eating habits: underweight persons easily feel satiate so it’s important to keep a record of your diet. Try having 5 to 6 meals a day and increase the quantity of your food in your meals. Include quinoa, oats, legumes, corn, red meat, nuts, broccoli, scrambled eggs, etc. in your diet. Consume more protein because it builds up the muscles. Use creative methods like coffee with cream or salmon salid with mayonnaise etc. to add up some more.

3. Keep count: remember to consume more calories than the requirement of our body to burn in everyday activities. Food like potatoes, whole grain pasta, brown rice, pork, oily fish, and full-fat yogurt is beneficial to include in your diet.

4. Keep track of liquid intake: strictly avoid drinking water before meals so that you can eat properly. In between your meals keep inserting shakes, smoothies, juices, etc. for fun with nutrition.

5. Endura Mass weight gainer: A balanced formulation of high-quality whey protein, soy protein, carbs, and minerals which help in gaining a healthy weight. It provides extra calories which are required in order to gain weight.

6. Weight training: we all know staying lethargic and dull slows you down. To remain active and engaged in weight training and muscle activities so that all your efforts can come out bonnily.

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