In the clinch of weight gaining process for underweight people, we are divulging some prominent points which can make this process faster and easier. Those who are struggling with gaining weight generally find it difficult or time taking but the below-mentioned points will surely help you to see your results within a couple of months. Here we go: –

1. Eat more: Since you want to gain weight so every time you eat increase a little bit of the quantity of your food.

2. Eat frequently: Generally, such people tend to feel fuller easily so it is suggested to eat after small intervals to balance the pan.

3. Top it up: You can add toppings to your food that fosters weight gain such as; paratha with ghee, coffee with cream, salad with cheese, etc.

4. Mind liquid intake: Avoid drinking water before meals so that you can eat the proper amount of food. Add shakes, smoothies, juices, etc. to your daily diet.

5: Add Endura Mass: Weight gainers are good to enhance the process. You can consume Endura Mass which provides 3480 extra calories other than your regular diet. It comes in 5 different flavors and is India’s most trusted brand.

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