Weight has always been a concern for all age-groups and has bothered us, sometimes for being overweight and sometimes for being underweight.

Generally, we take it only as a beauty factor but it has a lot more to do than this. Listing out the harms of being underweight is as follows:

1. Those who are underweight and do not get enough amount of nutrients in their daily diet may show the symptoms of thinning skin, hair loss, dry skin, and poor dental health.

2. Women who come in this category have an increased risk of osteoporosis, where the bones are more prone to breaking.

3. Such persons are more predisposed to infections which results in getting their sick frequently and since they do not get enough amount of nutrition they find it difficult to fight off the infection.

4. In women, it shows the symptoms of irregular or skipped menstruation which may further cause infertility.

5. Those who are at a growing stage and are underweight, their growth slows down or do not develop as expected.

6. An underweight person has low blood counts, known as anemia which causes them constant fatigue and dizziness.

Aforesaid is enough to understand how important it is to maintain an appropriate weight according to your gender, height, and age. If someone who is coping up with this can try Endura Mass Weight Gainer which comes in flavors you like to see the results you have been waiting for.

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