A brand new year is ahead and you have a fresh opportunity to improve your health, physical health, and shape. Does the resolution sound very similar last year? Well, 2020 will be different, because at every step you follow a working plan and will measure your progress. The transformation goals usually fall in two brackets to become lean and flexible, or to switch from bony to muscular. The work strategies focus on diet, exercise, rest and supplementation. Willpower or mental strength will be more important than you realize.

Decide What Is to Be Done

You have to find answers to your why if your plan works for you. You have to ask yourself, why you want to build muscle? Would you like to look better? Are you interested in improving your health? Or do you want the perfect physique to be achieved by everyone? Okay, you don’t have to sound admirable, but it’s realistic because your thought process will take you off of the mat when things get tough. But the most important thing is being frank with yourself and your answers.

Know what to Eat

Nearly half of your fitness plan is in a body diet. Do not correct your dietary mistakes with your exercise. Studies continue to show that it is as important as to eat fewer calories as exercise, especially if your aim is to strip the layer of fat and show the muscles. The top performance foods, such as high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates (oats, whole wheat, potatoes), and good fats (olive oil, ghee, avocado), should be the basis of your calories.

Whey Protein

Whey is a cow’s milk product. It quickly absorbs into the body and reaches muscle fibers to start the muscle repair process. Whey helps to quickly repair muscular fibers so that with the specific body part you can recover and workout.  Whey makes you develop thin muscle and endurance to burn fat more often by intense/ lite workouts. Whey protein is by far the most important supplement in physical construction.

Plan your Meal

Your food is an important part in your transformation process.  You have to plan your meals with chicken, fish, cheese, oatmeal, whole grain eggs, vegetables, and fruits. First, make sure that you are taking six meals a day, second that you do not miss any food, cut down all junk food immediately, cut down on alcohol and do not forget to drink water at regular intervals, as it aads nutrients and transport it throughout the body. 70% of water is in your muscles. Drink 3.5 to 7 liters of water each day to make a great physical appearance.

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