Indian women are attracted in maintaining skinny figure to reach the ideal shape they dream. Whereas many Indian women are prone to be slim, who want to gain mass in body. Always grass in the other side is beautiful. So they are fascinated, often misguided by the ads of Online Mass Gainer Product in India. Without knowing the proper regime and components of the product, the result may bring pitfalls to their journey. Some women follow a healthy routine for weight gaining, as they are professional athlete, dancer or form other platform where the fitness is mandatory. Weight lifting and losing both are challenging, but the assignment is different. Gaining weight is as painful as losing weight, as it is not about eating food jam packed with fat like ice cream, chocolate, chips. The junk-foods in the road side are also crammed with fat, but lead to unnatural cholesterol furthermore. A right training for workout and a nutritional diet along with is necessary for toning your body.Top Tips for women to Gain weight in a Healthy Way

Intake calories

Eating in a haphazard way will add unnecessary fat. Aim for a diet which helps you to gain weight in a healthy way. Intake adequate calories in your diet chart. If you want to build muscle, consume extra 500 to 1000 calories per day. For instance, if you need 1600 cal 2400 calories to maintain a proper weight, then your daily meal requires 2100 to 3400 calories for gaining weight. Carbohydrate is the richest source of calories. So consuming carbohydrate will give you the desired result faster.

Control fat

Fat is the cornerstone of gaining mass. Often we have misconception of putting extra fat. Fat provides 9.3calories/gram energy per day, whereas carbohydrate and protein gives 4 cal. Putting on fat is easy, but the main criteria is to control the fat. Otherwise there will be mal-distribution of fat in the body and that extra fat will make your buttocks, tammy, thighs, boobs look ugly. The right and healthy way to gain muscle is go after lean muscle weight gain. Take a supplement, which is contained with formulated food which helps you to put on weight without adding unnecessary fat. For recommendation, consume Endura Mass. By this way you can shape out your body and control the Fat.

Indulge in Protein food

Protein is needed to build lean muscle. High quality protein is found in Fish, eggs, whole grains, dairy products. Your regular diet should be a combination of these types of protein source products. Your body need 0.8 gram of protein/pound of body weight.

Drink a lot of water

Water is a natural beverage which is free of fat. Drinking of too little water may lead you to dehydration. Drinking a lot of water at a time will decrease your appetite which actually prevents you to eat extra.

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