Ever since COVID-19 restrictions have come into effect, a lot of things have become the new normal. There are restrictions on travel, eating, traveling, gyming, and one that has perhaps affected the most number of people is working from home. While staying at home and working from home is something we all are getting used to, it has also started to take a toll on our mental health. And not being able to hit your favorite gym while sipping on Endura Mass supplements may deter us from burning out the stress, there are a few things you can still do to maintain your mental health while you work from home.


1- Add activities to your work routine: Not being able to go out of the office building for a tea break or to stretch your legs is something we miss, not to mention those office gossips too. But some quick movements along the day like jumping jacks, taking a quick walk around your living space, and sipping on shakes with Endura Mass powder will not only keep you stimulated but also keep your muscle gains up.


2- Stay connected with your friends and colleagues is something that we are missing too during this quarantine period. But thanks to technology we can still keep up with them via Zoom and WhatsApp calls. Not to mention playing online games too. Staying connected with people you love and care about is key to good mental health.


3- Adding a workout routine to your daily schedule will help you keep your body in shape and also give a mental satisfaction to your brain. This way you will be physically and mentally enriched. Buy a few dumbbells and kettlebells and workout using them at a specific time every day, and make sure to take a bottle of Endura Mass Gainer beforehand to keep the energy in your body moving and your brain active.

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