Everyone needs sweetness in their life, there is hardly anyone of you who hasn’t grabbed a can of sugary carbonated beverage. The market is flooded with these so-called refreshing drinks and consumers are going crazy over it. But do you know what price you are paying for your taste?
People nowadays are more concern about their health and fitness. With the rise of gyms and weight-loss diets, many people have avoided the consumption of these poisons. But still, soda and sugary drinks continue to be a problem.

A can of your favorite soda contains 15-20 teaspoons of sugar. Excess sugar is bad for your health and these cans/bottles are selling nothing but sugar infancy and attractive packaging. We will let you know what these soda drinks actually do in the name of refreshment.

Fat storage

Soda and beverages are closely associated with an increase in body weight which leads to obesity, these fats are generally unhealthy fats. There is a lot of sugar in sodas and soft drinks. Table sugar(fructose) is supplied to your body in high quantities. Therefore, you essentially add more to your calories when you eat liquid sugar.  The most popular effect of these sodas and soft drinks is that you will see a massive increase in your waistline.


Consuming sodas, soft drinks, and other sugary beverages promote the growth of Type 2 diabetes in adults. If you eat more fructose it makes your body resistance to insulin. The high sugar in sodas and other soft drinks exerts a great deal of pressure on the pancreas, leaving them ultimately unable to keep the body produce required insulin.  Consuming soda every day makes you 27% more prone to type 2 diabetes.


Sodas or sugary drinks can give you a sense of settling your thirst, but the reality is that they dehydrate you. Many sodas contain high amounts of caffeine (Diuretic caffeine). Diuretics increase the production of urine, and you urinate frequently. It contributes to dehydration and reduces nutrients as cells become dehydrated. This also makes it difficult to discard the waste for your body.

Heart Issues

Sugar was and will never be a friend to your heart. Over the years various research and trails have established this fact that sugary beverages are not good for your heart health and it elevates the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including high blood sugar level, blood triglycerides, and tiny and thick LDL cholesterol particles. So, a bottle of your favorite soft drink might be the worst option for your heart.

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