How to gain weight fast

Endura Mass, the leading weight gaining supplement of the country not only comes with the promise to help you gain weight and muscle growth but also some other added benefits that will help your body become stronger.

Here are some of the added reasons for why you should consider taking Endura Mass:

  1. It is a vegetarian option:

Almost half of the population in India is vegetarian and dread to consume any sort of health supplements because they believe that they might contain animal fats. Well, with Endura Mass you can leave all your apprehensions behind because it is devoid of any kind of animal traces. The major ingredients used in producing it includes soy protein, whole milk powder, skimmed milk, maltose dextrin and palm oil, making it safe to be consumed by vegetarians.

  1. Added nutrition:

Endura Mass is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins which your daily diet might not be able to provide you adequately. It consists of minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Sodium, Phosphorous, and vitamins like A, C, E, folic acids, B-12, and B-1. The presence of all these elements helps in the mental and physical development of the body.

  1. Increases Stamina:

Some of our regular customers have opined that the consumption of Endura Mass has increased their stamina, enabling them to do more exercise or weight training to build up those much-needed muscle mass.This is actually because Endura Mass consists of magnesium, that helps the food you intake convert into energy. Thus you can say that the extra amount of 3480 calories supplied to your body by Endura Mass actually gets converted into added fuel to help you work out to grow bigger.

  1. Repairers injured muscles:

While carrying out strenuous exercises, the muscles often become sore or may get a mild rapture, and Endura Mass is reportedly able to repair those muscles. As it contains a fair amount of zinc, it not only enables the body to cope up with post-workout strain and but also helps you to get an adequate amount of sleep which is also important to gain muscles.

  1. You can find it everywhere:

The last benefit of Endura Mass is that it is such a popular product that it is not only available in ground stores but has become the highest selling online mass gainer product in India.

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  1. Denis Merchant
    Denis Merchant says:

    I am 60+. All these year I maintained my weight 62-64.but since few months.I lost 4-5kg.weight.can I consume endura.w.g.?


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