We generally tend to be after gaining weight no matter how but what we completely ignore is the science and logic behind the whole process that our body goes through and subsequently results in gaining weight. Some of them are:

1. Calorie counts: Factually what happens is, the intake of dietary energy which is measured in calories, exceeds the calories expended by our body to support everyday physical activities and vital functions, thereby our body has an energy overplus, which gets converted into fat and stored in our body which irradiates as extra weight, gained.

2. Hormonal balance: There are several hormones in our body fairly responsible for influencing our appetite and fat distribution such as leptin, insulin, etc. Talking about insulin, it is very prominent when it comes to regulating energy storage among other things, and telling fat cells to store fat and to hold on to the former ones. High insulin level in the body leads to the development of obesity, Leptin, known as an appetite-reducing hormone, it does not work properly, can lead to obesity. So leptin resistance is especially high in people with obesity.

3. Genetics: These are strong components to predetermine your body’s nature to respond to various stimuli, responsible for weight gain. Although, these do not completely determine obesity they have a major effect on this.

The abovementioned are the most important logics that one must consider while working on his/her weight gaining process.

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