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All physique and no brain makes Jack a dull boy!

In this competitive world, possessing an active brain is equally important to having a fit body. An active brain increases intelligence and retains memory.

For a fit body, we undergo rigorous exercises that makes our muscles toned; but it is interesting to mark that though our brain does not have any muscles, it responds well to physical or mental exercises.

So, you can incorporate the following work outs in your day to day regime to enhance your brain power.

Physical exercises

Physical exercises help to boost brain power. They enhance the blood circulation in the body which increases oxygen supply to the brain. Studies show that people who go for regular exercises have more volume of the prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal cortex (parts of brain that control memory and intelligence) than those people who do not exercise. Exercise also helps to reduce stress hormones and that helps the brain to function properly. Exercises that help to improve the functioning of the brains are:

  • Aerobics: Moving your body in a rhythm is definitely a fun thing to do! And more advantage is that it helps the heart pump more blood. More blood supply, equals to more oxygen to your brain.
  • Complex motor skills: Go for physical activities that needs coordination between your limbs and your eyes. This in a way challenges your brain and makes it work harder. Sports like basketball or volley ball work well. You can also learn juggling or the simple throwing and catching of ball can be fruitful.
  • Walking on undulating surface: It is difficult to walk on uneven surface; but it makes the brain work harder since it must be on alert to maintain the balance of your body to prevent you from falling.

Yoga to the rescue

It would make you think hard to find out one problem that yoga does not have a solution to. It is an effective method to calm our mind and strengthen our body. The following yoga asanas helps to strengthen the fine nerves of the spine and thus improve your memory:

  • Sarvangaasana(shoulder stand asana)
  • Kapalbhati(Skull shining)
  • Vajraasana
  • Padma asana (lotus pose)

Mental Exercises

Besides sweating your body, you can also carry out the following mental exercises to improve your memory:

Solve a puzzle: Be it board games like chess or Chinese checker or puzzles like crossword or sudoku, gives your brain a tough time.

Read a book: Research shows that reading a delightful book enhances your brain power. When you are reading a book, you are much more engaged than when you watch television or surf the internet.

Learn a new skill: It is said that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick, fortunately it is not true for our brain! You can learn a new skill at any age and the brain will respond to it positively. Learn a new art or even a language, it will provoke your brain and make it healthy.

Every day mental work out

Including the mentioned work outs would be beneficial for enhancing your memory, and you must try to put them in practice. But if you cannot make time for them, you can include the following mental exercises as a part of your daily chores:

  • Try to memorize your grocery list
  • While shopping, try to calculate mentally the total price of the products bought.
  • After you finish a book try to remember the things you read, or far better if you can write down the plot.
  • At the end of the day try to recall the events of the day, this will make you remember even the smallest activity of the day.
  • If possible try to mentally arrange things in reverse order, like numbers or alphabets, events of your day or mobile numbers.
  • Listen to your favorite songs while doing daily chores and try to memorize the lyrics.

These activities would make your brain think harder and enhance your memory.

So, always remember that only a healthy brain can help you store memory. Just as your body would slowly lose strength if you stop exercising, your brain would also slow down if you do not make it work. The aim is to keep challenging your brain.

Thus, go ahead and try the given exercises to make that brain sweat!

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