Gaining weight and having a fit, lean body is not essentially an easy task. It requires lots of hard work, determination, patience, and consistency. Hence it’s no doubt sometimes people take shortcuts and use steroids for quick results. While steroids may give you quicker results, most of the time these gains are just temporary unlike gains from supplements like endura mass. Other than that steroids may cause a lot of side-effects too. Read on below to know the reasons why you should avoid taking steroids.

  1. Causes Serious Health Issues: Steroids can cause mental health problems, joint and muscle damage, and also hurt your digestion and immune system. It’s mainly because steroids aren’t natural and are made of chemicals that usually cause more damage than harm.
  2. Most Steroids Are Not Legal: If you have ever asked around about steroids you must have observed how they are always sold under the table or via shady practices. This is because they are mostly illegal and not permitted to be sold. Other than that taking steroids without a prescription from a registered doctor is also illegal. Unlike endura mass powder steroids aren’t made of natural ingredients/nutrients and contain chemicals that affect your hormones.
  3. Supplements Are Better Than Steroids: If you take the best weight gaining supplement, you will see results with time, but the results will be permanent, and won’t hurt your health and body as it is totally made from natural ingredients and nutrients that are good for your body. Supplements that are made by good brands like endura are tested in labs for safety and efficiency, unlike steroids. A lot of times people aren’t even aware of the chemicals that are in the steroids they are using since they have bought it under the table.

All of these things make steroids a risky shortcut, which is why you should avoid them completely and stick to natural supplements,



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