A body with ideal weight as per age and sex is not just good-looking enough but healthy as well. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for good heart health, preventing diabetes, BP, stroke, certain cancers, reproductive issues, and gut.

Here we will discuss how an overweight person can gain weight safely and quickly.

1. In order to gain weight fast create a calorie surplus of 700 -1000 calories above your maintenance level. The extra calories will aid in your weight gain.

2. Our muscles are made up of protein so in-taking more protein than required will help you gain muscle and it will prevent your extra calories from turning into body fat.

3. Eat plenty of carbs and fatty food. This will accelerate your weight gain process.

4. Not only food but some workouts like push-ups, squats, or lunges are also effective in gaining weight and are all safe to go for.

5. Last but not least you can try Endura Mass which is trusted by its consumers and has acquired a name for itself over the years for giving the best results possible.

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