To gain weight, all you need is a calorie surplus, period.

What is a calorie surplus? It’s the difference between the calories you consume and the calories you burn. The consumed calories must outweigh what’s burnt if you aim to gain weight.

You have a workout routine. You have included the best weight gaining supplements like Endura Mass Gainer in your diet. You have a balanced diet and you are certain that “you eat a lot”. Yet you fail to gain any weight. Why is that?

It’s because, no matter how convinced you are that you consume “colossal amounts of food”, you still aren’t eating enough to create a calorie surplus.

Many factors might be responsible. Maybe it’s your hormones and rate of metabolism. Maybe your workout routine is too intense. Maybe you forgot to take other activities like going to walk or playing soccer daily into account. Maybe it’s just how your body is built. Even though you are certain that you are eating a lot, you still are burning even more. The result? No weight gain.

The solution is only one: increase your consumption. Yes, even more.

Include supplements that pack a large number of calories in your diet, like Endura Mass. Calculate the calories you consume and increase it. Schedule our workout routine. Maybe the cardio is too much? Maybe you can make it less intense? Talk to your doctor and trainer. Maybe cut out some intensive activity. Include snacks, make your meals larger (but keep them healthy!)

Consuming protein is important if you want to gain weight but not fat. It will help you build muscles. Supplements are very useful in this regard: you get both calories and proteins.

Once you address the issue, you definitely will gain weight.

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