As the rising news of coronavirus, there are many people out there who are spreading rumors and myths about the disease and the precautions. There are some myths and facts about coronavirus everyone must know :


Myth: The use of surgical masks is a must to protect yourself. 

Fact: Even WHO has not recommended surgical masks to those who are healthy. They need not wear the mask in public, markets or while going out for work. It is recommended to people who are suffering through cold and cough so that they would not spread any further virus to another person. It also prevents people from touching their faces which is one of the precautions for coronavirus. It is not recommended for healthy people, if the mask got soiled or moist then it should be changed. One should know how to wear the mask properly and wash their hands before wearing, as it will be of little use if your hands are infected. One should also wash their hands before and after readjusting the face mask.


Myth: Going out in the sun for 2-3 hours, drinking hot water and regularly gargling will help in protecting against the virus.

Fact: There is still no proven data that the sun will kill the virus as well as there is no scientific proof that gargling with hot water will prevent the person.


Myth: COVID-19 is an airborne infection.

Fact: It is not an airborne infection as it is a droplet infection. When a person sneezes or coughs the virus can be spread. If you are close with an infected person, the chances of virus depositing on your face are high. droplets can settle on the surface and the virus can survive for a few hours.


Myth: Virus can survive forever on metal.

Fact: If a virus is on a metal surface then it can survive for 8-10 hours. But, generally, it survives for 3-4 hours.

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