Some of us consider ourselves too skinny. Some might desire to gain muscle weight. You might be clinically underweight as well. Whichever it is, the principles of gaining weight remain the same.

We want to gain weight in a healthy way. Sure, we can suddenly start buying more packets of potato chips and have pizzas daily much to our joy, but that will leave our body in ruins. We don’t want a pot belly!

There a number of ways to do so.

1. Create Calorie Surplus: Perhaps the most obvious way to gain weight, we need to create a calorie surplus i.e. consume more calories than what’s burned. We will need to estimate how much calories we consume for that. There are a number of great apps and websites out there
for the same. However, remember: they are mere estimates and we all have different needs. Endura Mass Weight Gainer might be a great help; it delivers 3084 kcal of high energy. We need to consume 300-500 extra calories for gradual weight gain and 700-1000 for rapid weight gain.

2. Lots of Protein: Protein is the most significant nutrient when it comes to gaining weight. Muscles are made of protein. Without it, extra calories will end up as mere body fat. Great sources of protein include fish, nuts, legumes, dairy products, and meats among others. One could also use protein supplements. We need 1.5-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

3. Focus on Lifting Weights: We want to increase our muscle mass and not have all the surplus calories end up as fat. Start lifting weights 2-4 times a week. Focus less on cardio. We don’t want to end up burning all the surplus calories. Accompanied by Endura, gaining weight and muscle mass will be easier; also, it helps with muscle repair after exercising.

With a proper routine, you will be gaining weight easily in no time.

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