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Generally, people tend to believe that an unhealthy diet, lifestyle, or routine can gift us unhealthy nad week immunity but did you know that our body weight counts a lot to it.

This has been reported that those who are underweight rarely possess a robust immunity and are more predisposed to infections compared to other weight groups.

You can diagnose if you’re underweight or not with the following symptoms:
• constant feeling of drained energy
• getting sick often
• trouble in fighting off the illness
• skipped menstruation in females
• hair thinning, dry skin or dental issues

The easiest way to tackle the situation is to intake a healthier diet comprising whole grains, fruits, leafy vegetables, dairy products, and some additional nutritional supplements to complement your diet.

You can go for Endura supplements which are considered to be India’s no.1 supplements with online and offline availability.

You can buy it online from our website www.endurasupplements.com and avail exciting offers!!

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