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Endura Mass is a revolutionary product in the field of weight gainers. Time and again it has proved its worth by bringing positive body changes to its consumers within 3-4 weeks of its use. Yet, even today some people are doubtful about its integrity. However, we do not blame our potential customers for this because living in a world surrounded by amalgamated food products is bound to make them doubtful.

When thequestion arises about the use of weight gainers people mostly take a back step thinking about its aftereffects. This is because, while on one hand, most weight gainersserve their purpose efficiently, on the other hand, there are some thathave borne health problems like being overweight and kidney issues. But with Endura Mass things are different. Certified by GMP, and ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP), the company is safe for consumption by anyone who is determined to gain weight and muscle mass.

Every pack of Endura Mass comes with detailed information about its ingredients and dosage. It clearly mentions that the 2-3 spoons of the product is to be taken twice a day, and can be increased thrice a day only if needed. It is also highly recommended to continue having a balanced diet and exercise regime. Endura Mass is a dietary supplement and its job is to provide the body with added calories, and vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which the body cannot get from the normal food habits, thus in no case do it assure to become the only source of nutrition. It provides the body with theenormous amount of energy and thus carrying out strenuous exercises would not hamper weight gain but instead would help to build musclesand distribute the weight proportionately throughout the body. Endura Mass doesnot use any kindof steroids and so it would not hamper your body if you stop using it after gaining desired results.

You must stop using Endura Mass only:

  • If you are pregnant then you are already undergoing several mental, physical as well as hormonal changes and thus intake of any kind of supplement without doctor supervision can be risky.
  • If you are a patientwith any critical health hazards and must consult the attending physician.
  • If one is below 14yrs of age.
  • If you are diabetic as Endura Mass contains sugar.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the product.
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  1. Sunil dcosta
    Sunil dcosta says:

    My wife age is 26 and her weight is 45, she is taking enduramas dail tow times 1scoop, she is house wife and she is not going to gym.
    Is there any kidney problems or is there any other side-effect usinig this??
    Plz suggest.


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