If you’re a teenager or even an adult who is not able to gain weight, you must wondered at least once whether your masturbation habit is the reason why you’re not gaining weight. Well, we are here to give you some relief and make your pleasurable moments stress-free by telling you the answer behind this myth once and for all. The answer is NO! Masturbation doesn’t have any relation with weight-loss or weight-gain. All the other myths you have heard too are just lies. So the next time you feel like having some good time by yourself you don’t need to be concerned about weight-loss, blindness, hair-loss, or infertility. Masturbation doesn’t affect your weight, your genitals, or to be safe any other body part in any way.

Regardless of all the myths that you hear about masturbation, it is in fact a healthy process which is good both for your body and brain. It relieves the mental stress and brings you happiness by releasing endorphins in the body and helps you self-regulate your emotions. But, you still need to keep one thing in mind that while masturbation is good for your health, excessive masturbation is not. So don’t go berserk and keep your pleasure sessions to twice or thrice a week at the most. Any more than that and you risk injuring your penis or losing testosterone at a faster rate than it is produced which will leave you feeling tired.

If you’re facing an addiction to masturbation and it is interfering in your day-to-day activities you must immediately consult a doctor. As long as you can see that you are not dependent on masturbation and it is not affecting your stamina, you are fine. Also you can take good weight-gainer supplements like Enduramass if you’re having problems gaining weight.

Source- https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/masturbation-all-myths-busted-29019/post

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