In times like today, when thinness is praised and glorified talking about such a topic can be an invitation to controversy. Keeping that aside, in this blog we are going to discuss various health issues that may arise due to your weight which can intern affect your married or love life adversely.

Recent studies on this topic have shown that both men and women have their own share of health problems due to being over or underweight.

Low Energy!

This is the most obvious of all the other health issues that come into play if someone is underweight. Since, the body does not have enough energy to keep up the regular bodily functions, one is left with little or no energy to perform other tasks.

Decreased libido

When someone is underweight, there are high chances of them suffering from problems related to their love life. When body is starved off the necessary nourishment it demands, it results in falling libido which may result in lowered sex drive, which you can figure out is a bad news for your partner.

Premature births

According to recent studies, it is reported that women who are pregnant and are underweight are at a higher risk for pre-term labor, which means having a baby before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

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