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Thin is healthy- it’s a popular assumption around the world. Skinny has been associated with being fashionable and healthy. Though our beauty standards are rapidly and rightfully changing and is more inclusive than before, unfortunately, the idea that skinny is healthy remains widespread.

What we eat and our lifestyles are very important. What our bodies look like outwardly isn’t an accurate determinant of health. While heavier people might be more prone to risks, thin people are not exempt from them. They can and will have health issues as well if they fail to take care of themselves. Having a healthy diet is essential that includes every nutrient. One could incorporate protein supplements like Endura for a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass.

To see if we are underweight, we need to calculate our BMI. If it’s less than 18.5 kg/m, then you are “underweight”. Even though it is a good place to start, it’s not a measure of your health. Where we carry the fat makes the difference. How our bodies store fat depends on our gender and genetics. Certain people, due to their genetics, might not store fat beneath their skin. Their bodies store it deeper inside, in muscles and around organs. Such people consistently exhibit higher levels of cholesterol and have trouble processing insulin. Contrary to popular belief, in spite of being thin, such people are at risk of Diabetes.

Now that doesn’t sound particularly healthy, does it? Being too skinny poses other risks as well, such as low muscle mass, anemia, and weakened immune system.

It’s important to have a healthy balanced diet that gives our body everything it needs sufficiently, exercise, use supplements like Endura Mass, and have regular checkups. If you do all that and are still naturally skinny, good for you! Remember, our lifestyles and diets determine our health.

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