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It is no surprise that Endura Mass have topped the list of the best weight gainers in India, and as it gives fast results, people have started referring it as a magical drink to gain weight. But, there is no magic involved; right quality of ingredients taken in right proportion, and blended in the right way led to the creation of Endura Mass. So let’s take a sneak peek into the ingredients that have made Endura Mass stand as the best weight gaining supplement of the country.

  • Maltos Dextrin: It is the primary carb source of Endura Mass. Why did we choose Maltos Dextrin? Because it can be easily absorbed by the body, gives the body instant energy, and also doesn’t make you feel dehydrated even after long exercise sessions.
  • The protein sources: One of the reasons that Endura Mass is considered a healthy way to gain weightis because it is one of the best protein supplements in India. It gives your body around 15g of added proteins that help you to build those muscle tissues instead of unhealthy fats. The sources of proteins in Endura Mass include Soy protein isolate, sweet dairy whey, and whole milk powder. It doesn’t use any animal fat as a protein making it desirable among vegetarians.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Endura Mass is also brimming with essential minerals which help in carrying out vital functions in the body. Some of them are:
  1. Calcium: helps in building strong bones
  2. Phosphorous: It works with calcium to strengthen the bones and teeth, and helps to reduce the soreness of muscle while undergoing heavy exercises.
  3. Potassium: It balances blood pressure and also prevents muscle cramps.
  4. Sodium: Lack of sodium may cause the muscle cells lose water thus affecting their growth adversely. An adequate amount of sodium is also required for maintaining many other important functions of the body.
  5. Iron: It not only helps to build a strong immune system but also helps to fight fatigue.

Its vitamin components like Vitamin C, Vitamin B 1, 12, 3, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, etc. also help in maintaining many vital body functions.

The combination of all these elements has turned Endura Mass into a complete food itself which enables it to supply the body with 3480 of added calories and helps you grow.

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