There is an end number of articles related to weight and mass gains in children’s, some suggestions on timely and slow growth while some emphasis on dietary supplements. And being a parent, we can completely understand your concern and finding the right mixture of food and supplements can be as hard as counting stars. To help maintain your child’s healthy body weight, it is very important to keep a check on your kid’s diet that he/she is having a balanced diet which includes Fats, Protein, Fibers, Carbohydrates, and vitamins. One of the biggest reasons for poor body weight in children is an insufficiency of a healthy diet. It is, therefore, necessary to provide them with healthy and nutritious food in order to improve their health. The following is approachable and appropriate that can help your child gain the desired weight gain.


The healthiest choice for a child’s growth, rich in protein which also helps in strengthening the bones. Eggs help in muscle building and repair tissues. These are a complete package of food, nutrients, and vitamins, supplying the body with energy to keep it all day busy and healthy. Because eggs are versatile, you can either eat boiled, fried, or cook an enticing omelet in your way. Enriched with nutrients including phosphate, potassium, calcium, and zinc, they are a superfood for both children and teenagers.
Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a vital source of calories and contains organic oil and fat content. Serving the kids in lunch/breakfast as a toast spread or in other snacks is a healthy food as it acts as a complete meal in itself. If your kid is allergic to peanut butter changing to spreading hazelnut, it is a good choice to spread almond or soy.

Generally, mothers complain that their children do not have food and this makes them feel more concerned about the health of the children. But a plate full of lettuce, fenugreek leaves, cabbage, squash, beans, and other mineral and vitamin-rich foods should be given to them. Try to serve them as a snack with vegetables and bake healthy and delicious meat. Vegetables are packed with nutritional content like fibers, carbohydrates.

Cheese is a perfect source of fat, calcium, calories, and protein making it a perfect choice for children to gain weight. Whether it’s a baby, adolescent or adult cheese is a great choice in terms of nutrition to improve overall health. In some other tasty cuisines such as pasta and parathas, it can be eaten whole, fried or added. It is high in calcium and leads to a healthy weight gain.

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