Importance of Good Nutrition

Have you ever given a thought to the reason that why do we need to eat food? “Because we feel hungry” may be an obvious and the first reply from anybody. But if someone would rather ask why do we need to eat healthy and nutritious food? Then everyone may not come up with an apt and exact answer. He/she may tend to think upon it. It’s very important to understand the nutritional needs of your body, especially if you are a regular gym-goer and aspiring to build a great body. Here are a few reasons to underline the importance of good and proper nutrition:

Good nutrition replenishes energy in our body

The food that we eat provides long-lasting energy to our body and that’s what you require to sustain the smooth functioning of our body. Spending few hours everyday in gym and having strenuous workout sessions deplete our energy stores. So it is important to replenish these stores by having nutritious food. When there will be proper supply of energy, then only our body will grow stronger and its fitness will be maintained.

Thus, our body needs to be fed with energy-providing food, every day. Carbohydrates are mainly responsible in giving energy to our body. Our body easily digests carbohydrates like sugar and starch which are broken down into the two forms of glucose – fructose and galactose. If we don’t have enough carbohydrates, our body can make glucose from protein or fat.

Good nutrition helps in building muscles and body’s overall mechanism

In order to achieve maximum growth, a wide range of amino acids must be consumed every day. Our body uses amino acids to build and repair the muscles in different parts of the body. Amino acids come from protein foods. Our muscles contain proteins, which we need to replenish and refuel after every workout session through your regular nutritious diet.

Protein is also needed for the mechanism of the immune system, nervous system, hormones and organs. The body also requires ample amount of calcium, as it has various functions in the body especially as the mineral that is stored in the bones and teeth. Fats are also needed by the body to stay healthy. Membranes which contain fats surround all the cells of our body. The brain has fatty acids too and fats are needed to signal hormones.

Good nutrition fulfills the need of essential vitamins and minerals

Our body needs vitamins and minerals to maintain its proper functioning and keep us always healthy. Both these nutrients acts as co-enzymes and help the chemical reactions in the body. For example, vitamin B complex helps the body burn carbohydrates for energy. Vitamin A on the other hand is needed in good vision while Vitamin C keeps connective tissue strong and the immune system to function.

Thus, a healthy balanced diet needs to provide all vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts so that you can stay fit, active and healthy, always. If your body is deficient from one or more of these essential nutrients, then you have unhealthy diet.

Good nutrition helps maintain or restore a healthy weight

Eating unhealthful food adds body fat, which increases the risk of obesity and many diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Also, eating a very few calories prevents our body from getting the necessary nutrients which are needed to maintain healthy bones and strengthen our immune system. That’s why you are needed to make sound nutritional choices that will not only enhance your physique but also improve your health.

So you have seen the importance of having good nutrition. It denotes to the nurturing of our body, in our ability to keep it healthy and functioning as it is supposed to do. Our ability to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that we continue to thrive in our daily life processes.

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