Best weight gainer supplement in india

Dietary supplements or mass gainers have become an integral part of everyone’s workout regime. They have earned immense popularity not only because of their benefits but also because they are very easy to use. And Endura Mass is no exception.

So, you have brought your pack of Endura Mass, how can you draw the best from it? To do that you need to take into consideration both the dosage and timing of the product you are using. Frequent questions come regarding the dosage of Endura Mass; well you need to take two to three table spoons of Endura Mass twice a day. The dosage can be increased to three times a day if needed.

Now, what do we mean by if needed? The requirement of additional nutrients is not the same for everybody.  If you are overly active or you are an athlete or bodybuilder, the amount of nutrients and calories you need would be higher than a sedentary, thus the dosage will obviously differ respectively.

As mentioned earlier Endura Mass is very easy and versatile to use. You can take it with a glass of juice, or milk or even plain water. Just mix it in the liquid of your choice and carry it in a to-go bottle anywhere you please.

Whole milk or fruit juices contains huge amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and when Endura Mass is added to it, it relatively increases the nutrition property of the drink. The experts at Endura Mass prescribes taking the product along with two bananas when had with milk. Bananas along with milk and Endura Mass will give your body an extra boost of energies.

If you are not into juice or milk, then Endura Mass will just work fine for you even if you take it with plain water; this is because Endura Mass is a complete food itself. But that doesn’t mean one can skip all the meals and solely depend on Endura Mass for nutrition.

The best time to take Endura Mass or any other such supplement is during the post-workout session. During a heavy workout our body burns vast number of calories,and loses many nutrients through sweat and Endura Mass is an excellent product to restore them.

It is also advisable to avoid Endura Mass right before you sleep because it contains huge amount of calories and would not be digested properly.

Thus, you can see that using Endura Mass is not a rocket science, and we hope that this blog helped you a little to utilize it further efficiently.

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  1. Preetam
    Preetam says:

    Hello team my question is that ‘can I take endura mass empty stomach or early morning in empty stomach plz answered thanks.


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