Dictionary defines ectomorph as a person who is naturally of a lean and delicate build and finds gaining
weight very difficult. In colloquial fitness terminology they are also called ‘hard gainers’. It is one of
three naturally existing body types in humans.
Now, internet and pop culture will have you believe that we all need to lose weight in order to look
beautiful, but that is not the case. Many people struggle every day to put muscles on their body and fail.
Lifestyle disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia are now classified as full-fledged disease.
Now, if ectomorphism is natural, then there must be ways to transform your body naturally. Well yes,
there are, and we list them in this post. Read on!

You are what you eat!

1. Weight gain is simple. You need to eat more calories (500-700 for fast gain) than your body
burns, in order to gain. Calorie transform into mass. Calorie dense food like full fat cheese, dried
nuts, peanut butter etc. would help. DRINK MILK IF YOU WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT. IT IS
2. Eat protein. Protein converts extra calorie into muscles. Without it your extra calories will turn
into oodles of fat around your stomach. Do not combine protein with high saturated fat. Red
meat is one of the best way to get protein. Eggs, legumes and Whey protein are others.
3. BUTTER YOU TOAST! Carbs and fat are necessary if you want to gain weight.
4. Eat more. Eat regularly. Be consistent. SKIPPING MEALS IS A CRIME. Make a schedule. Follow it.
5. Do not drink before eating. Induct fruits into your diet, preferably those which require less
chewing, like bananas. Give potatoes a try.

Do you even lift, bro?

1. Lift weights! It triggers your body to build muscles.
2. Lift more. Keep increasing the capacity.
3. Compound Exercises. Squats, Deadlift, bench, Press, Rows. These exercise several muscles at a
time and activate muscle building.
4. Lay off Cardio. You will just burn calories without any muscle growth.

Be the change you wish to see.

1. Change your lifestyle. Underweight could easily turn into a disease.
2. Be consistent in your endeavor. Don’t do it half-assed.
3. Breakfast is the king of all meals. You must have breakfast.
4. Monitor your progress. Track your calories.
5. Sleep well!
6. Quit the stick. Wanna gain weight. Smoking is the enemy.

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