There are times when healthy food tastes too bland to swallow down or the cravings for some late-night snack just get to you. These cravings may be hard to ignore but eating healthy is very essential. So, what’s the alternative then? Simple! You can try these healthier versions of junk food that won’t affect your health. Read on below to know more:

1- Chips: While potato chips are probably one of the best snacks out there, its fat and oil content doesn’t make it very good for health, but luckily there are options like banana and kale chips which are not just as or more delicious than potato chips, but also healthier for your body.

2- Pizza: One of the best comfort foods out there, while it’s great for your taste buds, it’s not as great for your body. But luckily, you can try healthier versions of pizza too. You can try much healthier versions of pizza by making them with alternative items like wheat instead of flour, and using ingredients like zucchini and eggplant.

3- Pancakes: Pancakes made out of bananas and oats not just taste delicious, but are also much healthier for your body as compared to pancakes made out of flour and syrup.

4- Kombucha: It can be a bit difficult to give up on soda, which is where kombucha comes to your rescue, it doesn’t only taste delicious but is also healthy for your body.

5- Mashed Cauliflower: Mashed potatoes may seem to be impossible to replace, but it’s rather easy to do so. In fact, mashed cauliflower is not just lighter, but also tastes more delicious since the garlic and onions in it give it a more unique flavor while making it healthy for your body.

So the next time you feel like you’re missing out on eating due to your diet, give these 5 alternatives to your favorite snacks a try for a delicious and healthy treat.



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