A lot of people today, especially people who are of a small built and naturally lean are eager to know how they can gain weight without adding extra fat to their weight. Gaining weight can be as tough as losing weight. While everyone focuses on how it is unhealthy to be fat and everyone should be lean to meet the standards of the internet pop culture no one seems to be concerned about the people who suffer from Anorexia and Bulimia. Luckily there are a lot of ways ectomorphs can gain weight naturally without gaining unhealthy body fats. We have listed a few ways in which you can transform your body and get your bones covered.


1. Eat More And Watch What You Eat
If you eat a proper diet consistently then gaining weight can be very easy. Eating about 600-700 calories a day and consuming calorie-rich food items like milk products and nuts can trigger weight gain like throwing petrol over a fire. Make sure you also include a lot of protein (eggs, meat, and protein-rich vegetables), fruits and legumes in your diet. Also, make sure not to drink water before eating. Eat multiple small meals instead of a few big meals and stay consistent in your diet. You can also include weight gain supplements like Endura Mass in your diet.


2. Hitting The Gym Will Help You Hit Higher Numbers On The Weighing Scale
Now that you’re eating more you will need to keep the unhealthy fats you will need to burn a lot of calories to promote muscle growth and burn the unnecessary fat. Lift more weights and do exercises like Squats, Deadlift, bench, Press, Rows.



3. Stay Consistent To Your Routine
If you want your goals to come true, you have to follow them the way you follow premier league matches or your favorite sports tournament. Stick to your routine, sleep well, avoid drinking and smoking, and take good weight gain supplements like Endura Mass to promote weight gain.

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