Full body workout is one of the finest muscle development and strength exercise for your workout experience. Not only do they allow you to optimize your training rate and recovery throughout the week, but they are also time-efficient–and in this situation, only 3 workouts per week are required. However, for an optimal benefit for a full-body workout, you need to properly target all your major muscle group of your body. And all this should be in a balanced manner that your muscles grow and increase overtime proportionately. This leads not only to a more esthetic physique but also to minimize your risk of injury.

So, let start and see what an optimal body workout might look like:-

Barbell bench press

For this workout, the first exercise is the barbell bench press and will be your primary chest exercise. It will be responsible for contributing to the general size and thickness over time of most of your chest. More specifically, because of the bench’s flat angle, it will emphasize your chest’s sternal portion, or middle part, while building your shoulders and triceps muscle as well. So, as you perform this exercise, you’ll feel the tension around triceps, mid-chest and anterior deltoid.
Barbell Back Squat

Next, before proceeding to the next upper body motion, we will move on to a reduced body workout. This will only help optimize our recovery and performance throughout your entire body workout with each exercise. `The barbell back squat is the choice exercise here as it has been shown repeatedly in various articles to trigger very elevated quadriceps activation. However, the glutes and multiple other reduced body muscles will also be strongly involved in this process.

For this routine, pullups will be the next upper body exercise and your primary back exercise. The mid trap, lower trap, terse major
will be the primary muscle that operated. But, it will also involve different shoulder and scapular stabilizers and other muscles too And once you’re able to complete around 10-12 bodyweight pull-ups straight, you’ll want to then progress it. You can do so by slowly loading it with weight using a weight belt or holding a dumbbell between your feet.
Standing Overhead Press

The last major compound movement of this workout will be the standing barbell overhead press. This shoulder exercise is important when it comes to upper body development and strength. Although the full body is involved, the main muscles at play here are the anterior deltoids, triceps, and the serratus anterior it also enables you to lift the most weight. And from a practical standpoint is also the easiest shoulder exercise to overload with more weight as you progress.

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