In today’s world when child obesity has become a rising problem, professionals often underlook the problems of parents who have an under-weight child. Even in well-to-do families, children can be underweight due to multiple reasons like low appetite or bad diet. Parents often think that the solution to their problems is making the child eat more, but it doesn’t really work that way. The solution isn’t just making your child eat lots of healthy food, it is also making them eat food items that have all the nutrients along with some health supplements like endura mass. Below are some general tips that parents can follow:

1- Don’t let your child skip meals or eat them too late- It is very important that your kid takes their meal at the right time and at proper intervals, eating too quickly or too late won’t allow their body to absorb the nutrients the right way.

2- Try to make your child eat 4-5 small meals instead of 2-3 big meals- This technique can be very effective in case of kids who have a very low appetite and can’t eat a lot at once. If your child’s body absorbs nutrients very slowly, this will also help in triggering the absorption rate.

3- Eating high-density, nutrient-rich foods and avoiding artificial and pre-packed foods- Eating foods like eggs, bananas, yogurt, peanut butter, etc which have both high amounts of calories and other nutrients will also help them gain-weight faster as compared to artificial and pre-packed foods. You can also look for the best weight-gaining supplements to add to their diet.

4- Supplements- Although this may not sound like a good option, supplements like endura powder can be really helpful in weight-gain as they can provide the extra calories and nutrients your child needs to gain weight

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