Imagine you are on a long drive with your loved ones. Cruising your car at a steady speed, sprinting against the trees and the weather god smiling at you. And then suddenly your car runs out of gas. Isn’t that frustrating? Well, that’s happening with your body almost every day. There’s simply no stamina to deal with the day to day activity. We feel exhausted and frustrated every time we reach home after our work or college and if you have to head the gym than this can easily turn into a nightmare.

Now you must be scratching your head and thinking that if there is any solution to it. So, don’t worry we’ve got your back on this like every time we do. And this time in a tastier way. Here is a list of some food that supplies power to sustain your health.

Brown Rice

While carbohydrates are the main energy source for your body. You need to increase your consumption of complex carbs to improve the stamina. It is known to gradually release energy into
the body, providing optimum levels of energy all day long.  Brown rice perfectly matches the list. It is also rich in protein and vitamin B3, which is an important source of complex carbs.


Proteins are important for the production of endurance as it’s an essential nutrient for the growth and recovery of muscle and body tissue. Not only do they help burn calories, they also get saturated easily. Eggs with the greatest nutritional quality are among the finest protein sources on the earth. Filled with almost 9 main amino acids, an egg promises to keep the tiredness hidden and stamina high!

Peanut Butter

The good peanut butter is another great snack that is an energy source. Peanut butter, that is rich in healthy fats and proteins, while it also improves the stamina and endurance when eaten with complex carbs. And this is what we call energy snacking!


If you sense the fall in power, hit those almonds. Such rich nutrients help to increase your metabolism and thus enhance your stamina. A handful of almonds is a powerful source of healthy
fats that keep the brain and bones solid, but also help to make you lose weight.


One can even add weight gainer as a daily supplement that easily enhances your health and boost your stamina and endurance to an optimum level. Endura Mass is India’s leading brand in the health and fitness industry providing unmatched quality to its consumers. It is packed with nutrition and multivitamins that help you to Gain Weight, Stay Fit and Look Great.

So now, when the fuel is filled you can enjoy your beautiful ride.

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