How to gain weight

“How to lead a healthy lifestyle?”, how often do we come across this question?  And what answer do we always get? Cut on carbs, do rigorous exercise maintain a strict diet, etc.But, healthy lifestyle is not synonymous to mechanical life. Healthy life means to lead a balanced life: a balance between your body and soul. We are often misled by thinking that having a healthy lifestyle is something difficult to achieve and thus we dread to take a step forward.

At Endura Mass, our priority is your health, and therefore, we have brought to you few simple steps that would bring a huge change in your daily life and eventually lead you to a healthy life style.

  1. The morning ritual: The beginning of the day marks how it would pass. So, begin your day with a calm and stress-free mind. You can follow these steps to kick start your day:
  • Start your day with meditation: Meditation is not simply to sit at a corner with closed eyes. It is an exercise to calm your mind so that your concentration is improved.
  • Pre-plan your day: set your priorities for the day the night before, so that you can jump on to it instantly the next day.
  • Go for a walk or exercise: Most people prefer exercising in the evening due to lack of time in the morning, but it will surely relax your mind if you could expose yourself to sunlight early in the morning.
  • Detox: Have a glass of warm water with lemon and honey or green tea to eliminate the toxins from the body.
  • Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Take your time to have a nutritious and heavy breakfast that would keep you full for long.
  1. What to eat: Try to include mostly fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are full of fibers and thus would improve your digestion and bowel movements. Having a vegetarian diet is a healthier option than a non-vegetarian diet. But if you cannot cut off meat completely, then go for lean meat options like chicken or tuna instead of beef and pork. Try to include whole grains like wheat, oats, brown rice in your food rather than flour and white rice.
  2. Hydrate yourself: Our body is made of 60% of water, and we are continuously losing water from our body in form of sweat or urine. So, it is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated. If you are not in the habit of drinking water, try infusing your favorite citrus fruits in it to give it an extra flavor.
  3. Love yourself: Running after jobs, chores and family throughout the day, we often forget to pay attention to the most important person of our life: ourselves. In your busy schedule try to cut out some “me time” for yourself. You can spend this time looking after yourself, reading a delightful book or simply brooding over your most cherished memories.
  4. Look before you eat: It is not surprising that the major source of unhealthy fats in our body comes from processed food. Even some of the popular brands of fruit juices have tons of added sugar in it. Read between the lines of the packaging before buying any product.
  5. Let it go: To embrace a healthy life you need to let go many things. Firstly, eliminate toxic substances like cigarettes and alcohol. The next harmful substance is sugar. Control the portion of sugar intake and slowly get rid of it. Include natural sweeteners like jaggery or berries in your diet. Lastly, even eliminate those toxic people from your life who hamper your positive thinking or confidence.
  6. Sweat it off: Exercise is very important to keep our body fit. But do not over stress yourself in the name of exercise. Start slow and then gradually increase your quota of stretches. If you are not an exercise person, then go for a brisk walk or a short run.
  7. Sleep sweet sleep: Sleep must not be discarded as the most unproductive portion of the day. It is a good amount of sweet sleep that keeps us going throughout the day. An adult need at least 8 hrs. of sound sleep. Therefore, do not compromise with your sleeping hours if you want a healthy body.

Life is a beautiful journey and we do need a healthy body to enjoy it to the fullest. But, a healthy body is a result of healthy habits that need to be developed over time. Include the above steps in your lifestyle to achieve not only a healthy body but also a healthy mindthat can be cherished for life.

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